Young and healthy skin! The importance of taking care!

Good health is reflected in the skin and throughout the body. For this reason, the importance of taking care of ourselves integrally to maintain a healthy and young skin.

Aging is a chronologically programmed process that deteriorates healthy and young skin. But this is also due to extrinsic causes such as muscle movements, severity, nutrition, lack of exercise, sleep disorders and environmental factors such as solar radiation, in this case called photoaging.

Getting the balance between beauty and skin health can be complicated. Women aspire to have a healthy and naturally radiant skin, which is why we aim to have a beauty routine. On the other hand, experts say that waiting for aging to begin to be noticed before doing something is suicidal. This happens because at the moment when the first wrinkles begin to be noticed, it is not possible to slow down or slow down the process. It is easier to prevent than to remedy what has already appeared.

How to achieve young and healthy skin?

We identify the eight main factors to make your skin light from the inside out. Are you ready?

  1. Knowing our skin type allows us to give proper care. In this way, we do not waste time on useless treatments that only cause problems to our skin. (Perform your analysis completely free).
  2. Optimal care begins with the right choice of products. Remember that recommends the best products according to your skin type.
  3. Good hygiene habits The facial skin also needs daily cleansing and hydration; and like teeth, it must be done at least twice a day. This helps the pores to release any type of contamination to which we have been exposed.
  4. Get used to using sunscreen. It helps you keep the skin young and healthy, free of wrinkles and blemishes, reducing the risk of skin cancer.
  5. Have a healthy diet, which includes fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, such as tomatoes, carrots, strawberries and raspberries; these will work wonders with your skin since you will have nutrition inside out.
  6. Learn to manage stress and maintain a connection with your interior; so you will be in harmony with the outside world. The synergistic effect of being in consciousness results in the stimulation and protection of health at the cellular level, key to maintaining young and healthy skin.
  7. Leave work in the office. It is important to give us the time to be with family, friends or pet! The higher our quality of life, the better our mental, physical and emotional health; and our skin will reflect it.
  8. Makeup is becoming a second skin. But be very careful, you could suffocate and damage your skin. It is necessary to be strict when buying and applying makeup, so we avoid irritations, acne, and even burns.

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