With child relaxed at the dentist

Fortunately, little children do not have to go to the dentist so often, but you should be introduced early to the first treatment. At the age of two and a half, they should first visit a dental practice from the inside.

The child should go to the dentist for the first time, if it does not have a toothache yet. Watch it if you’re just doing a routine check-up. Then you yourself are largely relaxed and your child sees: Nothing really bad happens.

The following tips will help your child develop a relaxed relationship with dentists:

Avoid the topic of “drills” in advance. Your child will automatically think of dad’s drill and get scared. It is enough if it gets to know the instruments from books or when it is with the dentist with you.

The term “syringe” also scares children. They know these from the vaccination and link the dentist with pain in advance.

Also exclude the topic of pain when your child is present. Even if you do not talk to him, but talk to another person about it, it will get that.

Do not promise your child that it will not hurt. You can not know that.

Do not make the visit to the dentist special. There are no special rewards and promises in advance. Your child is not stupid. It gets suspicious and can get scared.

Those who panic at the dentist himself, is not the right companion for the child. Because the more relaxed the adult is at the dentist’s visit, the more relaxed the child will be with this topic.

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