These toy trends should know fathers

Anyone who becomes a father has to deal with many things. Among other things, the numerous educational issues are very important. But another topic also regularly plays a role in the child’s life: the toy. It does not always have to be the classic car or the Barbie doll. On the contrary, today there are many trends that you should consider when buying toys.

Toys for the child are now available in countless variations – and for all ages . But the entertaining companions must have one thing in common: they should be special. Boring toy puts the child away after a few days. It is simply uninteresting, if everything has already been tried. When buying toys , you should above all make sure that you offer your child just this special feature.

Together with the scouts fromĀ  we have found three online shops that can keep up with the latest trends in toys. recommends unique online shops from various fields, including online stores for toys .

Build toys yourself

Usually you buy the toy the way it is. But what if your child can decide what the toy should look like? In the Tinker Toys online shop, these children’s dreams come true. In three simple steps and an online kit, the child has the opportunity to design his favorite toy himself. The result is then printed out by a 3D printer and sent to your home.

The best thing: creatively, the child can let off steam without the price rising. Because you only pay for the size of the toy. Make it smaller, it will be cheaper.

Tinker Toys offers your child the opportunity to live their life and let their creativity run wild. The fact that the result can finally be felt in the playroom gives the whole thing the necessary amount of excitement. Even though the price for any size is certainly still very high, Tinker Toys has finally taken the popular trend of individualism to the toy industry with this concept.

Toys as a subscription

You know that: You have given your child a new toy, but after three weeks that is again uninteresting. Exactly this problem has the on-line shop My toy box accepted. The concept is quickly explained: With a monthly contribution you have the opportunity to order anytime in the shop of the toy box three toys. Once your child has played with it and may have lost their appetite, send it back for free and order three new ones.

The good thing about the concept is that you can swap the toy for free as many times as you like, even if it’s broken while playing. Extra costs do not arise. After use, the toy is also disinfected and reprocessed. And of course if you like your child, you also have the opportunity to buy it.

wood, wood, wood

In many families, however, plastic toys are taboo. That’s why the online shop Kids Wood Love is all about the wood. The shop, founded by three family fathers, carefully selects their goods so that only toys made of ecological materials are brought into the shop. Sustainable forestry, natural oils and water-based paints are just as important as eco-friendly manufacturing. True to the motto: only the best for the child.

But who thinks eco is boring, should take a close look at the shop. From carriages, building bricks, ball tracks to wooden trains, planes or stacking games, everything that kids will dream of is here. An online shop that is not only very ecological, but also really fun.

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