The diet to show marked abs

This diet that will help you achieve your goal of marking the abdomen with the necessary food and the best tips to achieve it.

Have you been exercising and dieting for a while without succeeding in your goal of having a belly that boasts abs? Well, during this article I will share a diet that will help you achieve this goal without fail. Super Fast Keto Boost Reviews But do not think that wearing good abs is good to have a good “look” during the summer, since beyond the visual aspect, not having fat in our belly is very healthy, since the fat in our belly can be intermingled with our vital organs and with our viscera, inside our arteries, etc … so they represent a big problem for our health.

But it is clear that this is a problem that has a solution, so before you think about cutting a piece of gut or going to have your fat removed, listen to the tricks that I will share with you below and the diet to look abdominal, so that In this way, you can certainly achieve your goal and have a much healthier life. With the right diet and exercise sessions this is something that can be achieved relatively quickly.

What can I do to shine my abdominal muscles?

It is a fact that the devices that advertise on TV are of no use, those that show you the “before and after” with an obese person and then a person showing abs and a minimum fat percentage are lies. In addition, it is important that you remember that fat loss in a specific area is impossible, we have to burn the fat of the whole body. By this I mean that not by doing 500 abs a day you will define the belly area, although if you would gain a good muscle tone in that area.

The truth is that for us to define the abdominal area the level of body fat must be between 18% or less if you are a woman and if you are a man it must be between 10% or less . How can you achieve this? Well, with a good training of thistle and strength, doing specific exercises of the abdominal area and having a healthy diet.

Then I will share with you a list of foods that will help you look abdominal :

1.- Olive oil

It is not a big secret that olive oil is a gastronomic treasure thanks to its high content of vitamin E and its excellent antioxidant properties, in addition to having good fats that help eliminate harmful fats.

Olive oil has a high caloric content because it is 99% fat, although it contains monounsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid, which together with antioxidant polyphenols helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and tumors.

Recently a substance called oleocantal has been added to olive oil, which has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. So it is important that you not only rely on calories, because if you add first-pressure virgin olive oil, you will be putting the most complicated things in your belly to melt.

2.- Artichokes

The artichoke has the excellent virtue of making fats digest more easily thanks to the fact that it contains cynarin, which is a substance that acts at the liver level and improves the secretion of the gallbladder, which favors clearance and detoxification.

Also the artichokes are very rich in fiber, which helps maintain cholesterol levels, in addition to their caloric levels are really low and is diuretic.

It will also help you if you have problems with flatulence or gas.

3.- Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a food famous for its great contribution of fiber and energy. In addition to containing complex carbohydrates, which are the ideal fuel for before exercising.

If you can consume a bowl of oatmeal with milk and fruits two hours before doing your training or going to the gym you will have a better performance.

Likewise, the fiber provided by oats makes it a food with a medium glycemic index that helps us maintain satiety and acts as a laxative, keeping our intestines in a good state, as well as dragging unwanted fats.

Another reason why it is a good food for before exercising is that it is a food that slightly increases testosterone levels, which helps us gain muscle more easily.

4.- Lean meats

Lean meats are especially known by athletes for representing a good source of essential proteins for muscle development, since lean meats are the most profitable and abundant source.

You can choose low-fat cuts such as veal, chicken, turkey breast or pork tenderloin. They contain B vitamins, which contribute to a better assimilation of proteins, in addition to the meat containing substances such as creatine, which is a very important help to fulfill our mission of getting rid of the belly.

As mentioned earlier, the best thing you can do is avoid fatty cuts such as industrial sausages, sausage, bacon, fatty sausages, etc …

5.- Whole grains

Other of the most famous foods among athletes and in weight loss diets. This type of cereals contains the vitamins that our body needs and our metabolism with proper functioning, unlike the cereals that were removed from the roof.

Another great advantage of whole grains is that they are very rich in fiber, which prevents more fat from being stored than we need. So it is better to turn to rice, flour, wheat, bread, cereals and whole grain pasta instead of buying options that are not whole grain.

You can try products made from rye, barley, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, buckwheat, etc …

6.- Citrus fruits

Tangerines, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, grapefruits, etc … are excellent sources of vitamin C, which is one of the most easily lost. Although vitamin C is famous for helping us strengthen our defenses, it also has the virtue of helping us balance cholesterol.

In a large amount of fat burners there is a type of citrus extract, since they have anti-fat properties, as is the case of bitter orange, which has a substance called synephrine that helps with weight loss, since it causes an increase in basal metabolism helping to “burn” fat.

You might not know it, but vitamin C also represents several benefits for training, since it delays the onset of fatigue because it helps to mobilize fat to be used as extra energy.

You can start the day fasting lemon juice to help activate the metabolism and eliminate fluids and toxins.

7.- Fruits of the forest

Berries such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc … that owe their color to a feast of antioxidant flavonoids such as antiacidines and vitamins C and E, along with diuretic minerals such as potassium.

In addition to these berries delay the symptoms of aging, regulate cholesterol, are antiviral and antitumor. They are foods with very low caloric levels and have a very rich flavor, in addition to being excellent for use in desserts while helping to maintain toned muscles.

8.- Nuts

Nuts have a somewhat high caloric content, but appearances are deceiving, since these are foods very rich in “good” fats, which are the famous monounsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 and 6.

In addition to having a high content in satiating fiber, nines, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, etc … are excellent for losing body fat and are heart-healthy. So if we are trying to show the abs and lose weight, there should be at least 4 or 5 nuts a day.

Remember that nuts with shell are better, since they contain more vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

9.- Eggs

Thanks to the mention that eggs are full of bad cholesterol, many people have decided not to consume them, but the truth is that they have very good benefits, and it has been proven that their intake does not significantly increase the levels of such fat in the body .

You can consume one or two eggs a day without having many problems, in addition to that you will be providing a high protein content to your body, which are the most effective at the time of developing and toning the muscles. Do not forget that eggs contain vitamins B12 and 1, which help metabolize fats.

10.- Dairy

For a long time it was thought that dairy was one of the foods that helped obesity and cause some disorders of the exit, however, not only is not it, but also reduce the risk of contracting some cardiovascular diseases.

You can resort to whole milk without any problem (unless you do not have lactose intolerance) as soon as you do not spend 1 glass a day, and you can alternate the other days with dairy products, cottage cheese, cheese or curd. Do not forget that dairy products provide phosphorus, calcium, conjugated linoleic acid and vitamins A and D.

11.- Legumes

From the legumes we can obtain an incredible ration of vegetable protein without fat, in addition to having a high fiber and carbohydrate content.

They are excellent to help us lose weight and lower levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, in addition to containing fiber and iron, which are highly prized components in the fight to lose weight and show those abs. If you don’t want to eat meat, you can substitute a serving of meat for legumes and some cereals.

12.- Blue fish

We all know that fish is very rich in protein, so it is an excellent option for athletes and bodybuilders, but it also has an important dose of polyunsaturated fats, which are better known as omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

These fats help to burn the fat that has accumulated in the most complicated sites, in addition to helping to keep the joints in shape.

Tuna, salmon, sardines, onions, herring, emperor, etc … are perfect allies to maintain weight and be able to wear a flat stomach.

13.- Soy

Although before it was not very consumed, for some years the soybeans began to become more popular and began to be included in the composition of several foods. You can take your own legume or any of its derivatives, that there is a huge amount of them (soy milk, hamburger, cereals, tofu, etc …) which are good substitutes for meat, cheese and milk.

Soy contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, proteins and isofl avones. In addition to helping us control the percentage of body fat and balance cholesterol levels.

14.- Green tea

It is a fact that the most natural tea with a higher content of flavonoids such as catechins, which gives many benefits to our health, in addition to helping us prevent diabetes. Tea helps increase antioxidant capacity and has a low caffeine content, so it can be taken several times a day without any problem.

15.- Red wine

It is an alcoholic beverage that has a huge amount of health benefits when consumed in moderation, since it is very rich in antioxidants such as resveratrol, which helps reduce cardiovascular disease and delay cell aging.

A recent study in New Zealand pointed out that people who drink 5 glasses of wine a week are less at risk of being overweight than people who consume other alcoholic beverages.

So if you want to show off your six abs, a glass of wine (1 day yes and one day no) is an excellent option to protect your heart.

Tips to show abs

Calorie 15 : When you want to lose weight you can start by making a caloric cut that does not exceed 15% of what you are eating. You should not lower this percentage, since the drastic changes in our body make our body defensive, interpreting the situation as an emergency in which it has to remember the caloric expenditure as it gives rise.

More meals: Actually the most common is to have 3 meals a day, since many of us were educated and grew up with these habits, but today it is a fact that having a breakfast, a strong meal and a Super Fast Keto Boost light dinner is not better than we can do, since in this way we subject our body to prolonged periods of fasting, which causes fat to accumulate that should be burned, to be used as a resource to have energy when necessary. You must distribute the calories throughout the day, in five or six meals a day, as a snack in the middle of the morning, on the snack or before going to sleep. You should not feel hungry at any time of the day.

Do not forget to consume protein : You should try that at least one meal there is a food with protein content, since it has been proven that you are less likely than carbohydrates, and of course, that fat, to accumulate as a reserve. Keep in mind that many protein-rich foods also contain fat in its natural form, such as meats, so you have to choose lean, as mentioned earlier in the food list.

A bit of everything: There are people who become obsessed with strict diets, those of the type “or carbohydrates” or “eat pure apple for 7 days”, etc … but in reality it is very important that you do not do this type of diets. When you are having a bad time, you will not be able to maintain your new diet for a long time, in addition to the fact that if it is a bad diet it will decompensate your body, so it is not a matter of going crazy with a strict diet, but remember that the week has seven days, so there is no time if one day you relax and eat a chocolate, an ice cream, a pizza, hamburger, etc … Just do not forget to take care of your diet.

Liquids with an excellent option: It is a fact that the blender can help us meet our goal of getting rid of unwanted curves. You can mix fruits, oatmeal, milk, protein powder, yogurt and even protein powder.In addition, a smoothie is an excellent option to recover proteins, nutrients, vitamins and everything that our body lost during exercise, which is an important moment in which our body needs to recover everything.

Not all liquids are good: You must be very careful with everything you drink, because it can be transformed into a very solid belly, without having the feeling of being separated from calories and therefore without feeling satiety.A great example can be alcohol, which although it contains a lot of energy certainly does not feed you, in addition to making fat accumulate more easily. Sure, we cannot put aside sugary carbonated drinks such as soda or energy drinks, which by drinking a couple of glasses With meals we continue to accumulate positive income in the stomach balance.Finally and possibly most importantly, drink 7 to 9 glasses of natural water a day, or 2 liters a day, since it is very important to have a good hydration Natural juices without much sugar are also an excellent option,

Although at times it may be difficult for you to have a healthy diet and exercise at least 4 days per week, it is important that you think and visualize your goal, since although at times it may be difficult and require a lot of willpower, once you reach the desired goal you will realize that the effort was worth it, in addition to that you will be getting used to having a healthier lifestyle.

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