The advantages of electric children’s toothbrushe

“Why can not I have a toothbrush like you?” Ask children at some point if they brush with a manual toothbrush and parents with an electric toothbrush. After all, cleaning with the electric looks much easier. If the child is then allowed to brush with an electric toothbrush , it feels on an equal footing. And that is very important for children.

Are the teeth really cleaner?

In fact, electric baby toothbrushes are more comfortable to use than manual toothbrushes because the necessary movements are easier for children to perform. With the right technique, the teeth are cleaned a little more thoroughly than with the manual toothbrush. Electric children’s toothbrushes have small brush heads. This makes it easier to reach hard-to-reach places, such as the posterior molars or the inside of the lower incisors. But the right brushing technique is just as necessary as with manual toothbrushes. Dentists are happy to advise. Until the age of about eight, parents should control the brushing of children. Even an electric toothbrush does not stop children from dreaming. But even in this case, electric toothbrushes have some advantages.

Meaningful functions

Many children’s electric toothbrushes offer useful features such as timers, vibration, and gentle steps. This makes it easier for children to learn the right plastering technique and to clean for a sufficiently long time. With the help of the vibration function, the child is reminded to change the tooth surface. The vibration alarm usually occurs after 30 seconds. Then the child should change from the inside to the outside or from top to bottom. The timer function protects against brushing too soon. It is set to two minutes for many electric children’s toothbrushes. This corresponds to the cleaning time recommended by dentists. The selection of the step thickness is especially important for the transition to an electric toothbrush. In the beginning, some children may find the brush head vibration too strong. Gentle steps slowly get the kids used to this feeling. Even toothbrushes that can be used longer have two levels: one for children over the age of four and one for children over the age of seven. AIdealo offers a variety of models and the ability to search for specific features.

More fun cleaning

At some point, every child will lose the pleasure of brushing their teeth . Switching to a children’s electric toothbrush can help in this case. Because there are a variety of attractive designs and playful functions to choose from, which can motivate the child.

Some manufacturers offer an interactive toothbrush app for their toothbrushes. This should encourage children to clean better and independently. The cleaning protocols can be controlled by the parents. Good cleaning results are rewarded with digital gimmicks. The aim is to motivate the children to be clean for a sufficiently long time and with the right technology.

Other additional functions of electric children’s toothbrushes such as playing music, exchanging stickers or colorful brush heads can also be fun for children. Brushing your teeth will be more varied and less boring. Here parents can decide together with their children, which additional function prepares the greatest joy. Because the main advantage of electric children’s toothbrushes is simply the children’s feeling that they want to brush their teeth with this toothbrush. If the parents do not have to tell their children well every day, please brush their teeth properly, both children and parents will get a piece of satisfaction.

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