Should we stop counting calories to lose weight?

Calculation of calories consumed in a day can be useful for some people because it serves as a benchmark, base, support and example. However, in our day, it is also proving anxiety and time-consuming, is it good or not? Well, no, it’s not good for everyone! To lose weight, it is sometimes necessary to turn away from this obsession with absolute control.

What are the risks ?

First of all, simply counting calories is not necessarily efficient and can even mislead you because 100 kcal of green salad is not at all the same as 100 kcal of a black forest. for example . Do you see the damage Tier 2 keto Reviews that can quickly take to your diet? Restricting to the only caloric aspect makes you fat in many cases.

In addition, it puts you in an infernal pressure that can lead to significant stress , general anxiety, or even lead some people to even greater danger: anorexia. Not to mention the possible shortcomings in the more or less long term to restrict you too much.

Why do we have to look further?

If you ask a nutritionist for his opinion , he will explain it in detail: in terms of food, it is above all common sense that premium and the wealth of what you eat that will help you slim down, or not if you allow yourself too much fantasy. Get to know the foods that will give you a satiating effect while providing your body with what it needs.

Foods that will burn fat and divert you from fat and sweet products . Food that you can consume in case of cravings instead of delicacies harmful to your line. It is a much more global approach than the simple question of the calories that must be undertaken to lose weight.

So if I understand correctly, counting calories is useless?

Once again, let’s put a half measure to this question. It is not useless but it does not have to turn to obsession. Make your meals according to the nutritional value of the food , taking into account your needs as well, because the body of an athlete does not expect the same contributions as that of a person who spends most of his time in the office.

Finally, what you really need to lose weight is to make a complete assessment of your eating habits, adjust some imbalance and use common sense. We must eat everything, proof is the Weight Watchers concept Tier 2 keto that allows all foods if the meals are balanced in case of caloric deviation. It’s quite right as a dietary approach. To be able to have fun while remaining reasonable, logical and balanced!

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