Should I run or walk to lose belly?

Walking fast or running? What is the best way to refine the belly and see effects on the silhouette in general? If running burns many calories , it is not necessarily the first sport to recommend for weight loss when you resume physical activity.

Indeed, the walk also burns the body fat effectively and without tiring too much. Perfect for health!

Running burns fat but …

Among the sports that lose the fastest weight is running. Indeed, it burns up to 850 kcal per hour .

And for good reason: it requires endurance and the intensity of the effort draws on the reserves of the body. Yet, some do not lose weight as they wish. How to explain this phenomenon ? After a session, the appetite is often more important.

Indeed, running draws in the glycogen reserves of the muscles and tires the body . As a result, some people allow themselves to eat more. In addition, this physical activity causes the body to store sugar in fat . And by eating more, one is more likely to eat unnecessary calories, sometimes resulting in unexplained weight gain.

Walking, a low-intensity exercise beneficial to your health

If the race opens the appetite, the walk, meanwhile, does not act on your feeling of hunger . Indeed, when walking, your body does not draw on glycogen stores.

Walking is much easier than running : your joints are preserved and you can do it without even realizing it.

Go buy your bread on foot or take the children to school without taking your car. If these few trips are not enough, Ultra Keto Fuel you can schedule a walk every night of the week, for 45 minutes or 1 hour . For information, an hour of walking burned 260 calories on average.

Walking does not require special effort, which allows you to keep your motivation and therefore see the benefits for your diet. The benefits of this activity on your figure will be visible in the long term. And in addition to achieving your weight loss goal, you preserve your cardio vascular functions: enough to kill two birds with one stone!

When you want to lose weight, so it is not necessarily wise to run. Indeed, walking daily, you can hope to refine your stomach and thighs.

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