Print and health – how harmful is the laser printer actually?

Is it possible that laser printers actually get sick? For some time, manufacturers, researchers and interest groups disagree on how detrimental laser printers are. This is because printing requires toners that contain carcinogens. How much it deposits in the body is not undisputed. Therefore, the advice of experts is to handle the laser printer or toner with care.

Harmful or not – what is true?

The citizen’s initiative nano-Control announced that in Germany alone over 2,000 people complain of symptoms that are allegedly produced by contamination of laser printers. The exhaust air should cause this, causing cough, headaches, asthma and much more. The toner powder contains toxic heavy metals and other substances that may be responsible for these diseases. Some experts, however, are skeptical of reports about possible subsequent damage to toner. Nevertheless, it can be shown that toner particles in the lungs can lead to geno type damage. Therefore, it can not be ruled out that cells transformed in this way can transform into tumor cells. Therefore, handling toner and laser printers should be done responsibly.

Toner dust – does he really make you sick?

Especially the very fine toner particles give rise to concern. Toner dust has often been criticized in the past. On the other hand, some studies have already shown that modern laser printers hardly ever release this dust. This is because the particles are already heated during printing so that they volatilize.

Dosage is responsible for the degree of contamination

Nevertheless, this is no reason for many experts to handle lightly with laser printers because no one yet knows how the deposits in the human body behave or react. Therefore, even toner vapor is still considered a potential hazard. Not least because these contaminants contain reactive oxygen species, which can lead to different cell damage, such as the geno type changes already described. In this context, experts advise to keep an eye on and examine the full effect of contamination in the body. That would be better than just talking about the nature of the different ingredients. Further studies are planned in the future to prove whether or not the substances in the toner can cause reactive oxygen species.

Issue environmental seal for toner or not?

Since the health risk of laser printers is still unclear, experts recommend taking safety precautions. Therefore, only on laser printers with very low emission levels are eco-labels such as the Blue Angel. However, as far as human health is concerned, the Blue Angel limits do not say much, because it is not currently known which aspects caused the response of human lung cells. In addition to the device itself, many other factors can be responsible for affecting one’s health. These may be toner type, printer paper, maintenance status or age of the laser printer. For added safety, if the printer is in a separate room that is regularly ventilated well. If that is not possible, you can Users alternatively use inkjet printers .

Conclusion on the harmfulness of laser printers

At the moment, only one thing is certain: the opinions about how harmful laser printers are differ significantly. Nevertheless, filling with new toner should be done with precautions such as respirators. However, there are also reports of illnesses including symptoms related to the use of laser printers. It mentions about 100 cases affected by injury, which in the worst case ensure that those affected become unfit for work. By comparison, every year more than 5,000 people die in traffic accidents. Damage caused by alcohol and tobacco are even higher. Nevertheless, a certain residual risk to health can not be denied.

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