Passive smoking – pure poison for children

Tobacco smoke contains several thousand substances that damage the organism, irritate the respiratory tract and are carcinogenic. The smoke is one of the most common poisons in the interior and is extremely harmful not only to smokers but also to everyone else present. Passive smoking is particularly hard on children, who often do not have the opportunity to avoid the damaging fumes.

50% of all children grow up in smoker households. Especially for toddlers and babies, most of whom are indoors, there is an increased risk of disease as they are exposed to tobacco smoke. In addition, infants inhale two to three times as often as adults and, accordingly, absorb more pollutants through the breath. These risks exist for your child when forced to live in an environment that smokes:

Conjunctivitis, headache and nausea as acute reactions

Bronchitis and pneumonia

Chronic otitis media


Allergic skin reactions

Damage to the inner wall of blood vessels

In order to protect children from these dangers and to save them the constant inhalation of tobacco smoke, the following rules must be observed when living with children:

Apartment and car must be kept smoke free. If there is no balcony, garden or terrace available, a room can be designated as a smoking room – but only if the child is not there and on the condition that the room is subsequently ventilated.

Visitors should also comply with this rule.

If children attend family reunions and celebrations there should be no smoking there either.

Do not go with toddlers in restaurants where smoking is done.

Responsible parents provide your child with a completely smoke-free environment so as not to affect their health and well-being. Parents who smoke should as far as possible stop smoking or at least limit themselves. Not only for the sake of health, but also to give the child a positive role model.

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