Coconut cream: benefits and calories!

Coconut chicken skewers, Thai shrimp ravioli, caramel coconut flan … How not to salivate in advance when you think of the delicious Thai , Indian, Malaysian or Polynesian cuisine made with coconut cream? Coming from the pressing of coconut milk, coconut cream is low in carbohydrates and rich in saturated fats . In other words, […]

Less SMS, more sex

Do not let your smartphone turn you into a mute partner. Here are five strategies to take urgently to sound the alarm before it’s too late. My fiancee and I were always unfaithful. Even when we were together, we had the wandering eyes. And the couples around us were exactly the same. In all likelihood, […]

Facial massage: all about this ancestral anti-aging practice

To massage the face to plump or detoxify the skin? This ancestral technique inspired by traditional Chinese medicine is becoming more and more popular and arrives discreetly in some studios in France. Here is all you need to know. As for the body, the face also needs the benefits of massage therapy to be healthy. […]