Obliques: how to work with a stick?

But yes! It is possible to work obliques and abdominal strap with a stick . A simple broomstick that we all have at home will do the trick.

Here’s how.

  • The best exercises with a stick for obliques
  • Lateral inclination with stick
  • Starting: standing parallel feet aligned on the shoulders, legs bent and back straight, the stick at the trapezes.
  • Movement and Breathing : Exhale by bending Activate Keto the bust laterally above the waist, and inhale while going up right back.

Complete work of the entire abdominal strap

Starting: lying on your back , legs bent and soles of the feet on the ground, arms outstretched and the stick in the hands.

Movement and breathing: inhale by detaching the vertebrae and progressively winding the spine and then exhale while unwinding and holding the descent and keeping the contraction.

Rotation of the bust

Starting: standing parallel feet aligned on the shoulders, legs bent and back straight , the stick at the level of the shoulder blades.

Movement and breathing: Rotate the bust without moving the pelvis or buttocks or head, and exhale when the stick is perpendicular to the starting position.

alternate slots with no

Starting: standing parallel feet aligned on the pelvis , the stick behind the neck.

Movement and Breathing: Breathe in while striding the right foot while flexing both legs, then exhale up the foot to the left that has not moved, and alternate.

How to perform these exercises

As these are only insulating exercises targeted on the obliques, performing them once a week is sufficient , performing 5 sets of 20 movements, with no rest time in a series but with a 30-second pause between each series.

Exercises with a stick: general recommendations.

Here are several exercises that will be more effective as your body placement and breathing will be controlled.

In particular, be sure to always control your descent, keeping your back and spine straight. The movements must be carried out at a steady pace but especially very regular, without haste, adapting it Activate Keto Reviews to your state of fitness, and respecting the instructions of inspiration and expiration . Finally, make sure you have enough space around you to handle your stick without the risk of hindering or damaging anything.

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