Meat juice: focus on calories!

We are used to counting the intake of our meals in calories or kcal. It is easy to find out about the prepared dishes or all the foods on the shelves of our supermarkets.

On the other hand, for everything that is SlimPhoria Keto Reviews generated secondary during cooking , it will be more difficult to have a preview. The question arises for example for meat juices.

Are they caloric? First, there is a point on the different types of meat juice will allow us to determine the content of caloric intake made.

Finally, a healthy meat juice recipe will give us ideas to enhance meals without feeling guilty!

Meat juice and calories

Calories are the unit with which we have been used to counting the amount of fat intake to our body. They make it possible to have an energy measurement only and do not offer a vision on the quality of the contributions made.

Be careful to use them appropriately: they constitute a nutritional index, important certainly, but it is not the only one to take into account!

For meat juices, it is good to know for example that a cube of chicken or beef broth will bring us about 9 kcal per 100gr. Which may seem symbolic. Similarly, a can of liquid meat juice will provide about 48 kcal for almost 300 gr, which is very little.

Homemade meat juice, because it will not be defatted or less than industrial meat juice, will represent more calories. Easily plan for triple for the same weight, it all depends on the amount of meat you make . But the quality of the nutrients will have nothing to do with it.

Meat juice recipe

A great classic, poultry broth, very good for your health , will allow you to make the most of your meat juice. It is important to cook it for a very long time, on low heat, this is how we extract the good nutrients from the carcass , which you will have deglazed beforehand with a little balsamic vinegar.

Put your meat in water with thyme , rosemary, bay leaf , all organic is even better and simply boil for at least 2 hours.

Here is a beautiful recipe, good for taste and for health! For storage, you can easily freeze it.

Meat juice: a story of definition

What is commonly known as meat juice is the water / cooking liquid mixture extracted when the meat is cooked. We complete the convent to make dishes in sauce . Whether you are cooking veal, chicken , pork, beef, or even duck it means the liquid part extracted from your piece , once the dish is cooked.

So we are talking about “natural” meat juices: sometimes they are used in the form of broth, simply by cooking a carcass, to give flavor to other dishes. Often garnished with spices or aromatic herbs , such as thyme or rosemary, this type of meat juice has health benefits.

In addition to the properties of the herbs that will have cooked in the juice , it will contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate from the cooking of the connective tissues of the meat, which have a beneficial effect on the joints.

Otherwise, there are also so-called “industrial” meat broths, which add flavor to our dishes. Presented in the form Slimphoria Keto of a cube, or even dehydrated powder, they have the undeniable advantage of being very easy to use in everyday cooking. They are found in all flavors: foie gras , truffle, red wine , etc.

But not having cooked in the same way as the meat juices mentioned above, they will not have the same properties.

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