Living in the multi-generational household

Everyone gets older, nothing can change that. But even in old age, many people want to live in their usual environment. No wonder, many of them have lived their entire lives in the same apartment, moving to a nursing home is not an option for them.

It is often difficult when the partner of an elderly person dies. Then it can be useful if the family brings him to you. Although he has to leave his usual environment, he is in the care of his family. Although such multi-generational households are becoming increasingly rare, they also offer many advantages for all those involved.

The multi-generation household – a discontinued model

For a long time it was completely normal in Germany that several generations lived under one roof. The family estate was passed on from generation to generation. This has changed in the meantime. Only about 0.5 percent of all households are home to three or more generations. In more than 70 percent of all German households even only one age group lives. Experts believe that this is mainly due to the fact that more and more people wish to be able to better live out their personal wishes and needs in their own household. Surveys show that the multi-generational household is very popular with older people, especially if the alternative is nursing home.

Opportunities and challenges of the multi-generational household

In general, it offers many opportunities, but also challenges , when several generations live together. For older people, it has the advantage that they do not get lonely. In old age it is often difficult to go among people. Many acquaintances have already died, you yourself are not so good on foot and therefore usually stays at home. The coexistence with other people is therefore advantageous, so as not to slip into the social offside. At the same time, playing with children or helping with homework also keeps you mentally fit. After all, the multi-generational household is also a good option for seniors in need of care. They can be supported in their daily life tasks by their family.

For the middle generation, this household model offers the opportunity to give something back to the parents. They can look after their parents, take care of them if necessary and support them in their everyday lives. At the same time they usually experience relief in raising children. Even the youngest generation usually benefits from living together with their grandparents . On the one hand, they are of course happy when grandma or grandpa is always there, but on the other hand they can also learn to take on responsibility.

But the coexistence of several generations can also bring disadvantages. Since at least one person lives in addition to the household, it can lead to a more limited privacy of all parties. Therefore, it is especially important that all residents clearly abide by established rules. These can be, for example, fixed bathing or help in the household.

Help for the needy

Many seniors refuse to move to a nursing home because in many cases they can not acknowledge that they are in need of care. Then many couples decide to take parents. This move to the kids can be a good compromise for the seniors. But often the children are permanently overburdened with the situation, because to combine work and care activities can be very difficult. In addition, many people find it difficult to provide their relatives in need with proper care. In this case, a nursing service such as the German care for the elderly can be a helpful solution. This provides nurses who can help the elderly, for example, with daily hygiene.


The multi-generation household is a dying model in Germany. Nevertheless, families with several generations decide to live under one roof again and again. This offers many advantages, but also presents challenges for the entire family. For seniors in need of care, it is usually a safe step, as they always have someone close by who can give them support and support. If the family is overwhelmed with the care, you should get professional help.

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