Learn to calculate your ideal weight

Learn how to calculate your BMI, with this formula you can determine your ideal weight from your weight, height and sex of a person.

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The ideal weight is a concept that we hear every day among those who care about their figure and who desperately look for any method that helps them achieve a specific goal. Ironically, despite being so popular and common, it is also one of the most erroneous in society.

This is because a large part of the population, despite easy access to information, fails to understand the differences between two basic concepts such as losing weight and losing fat. A well-informed person Super Keto Burn is more likely to reach their goal by undergoing a process of transformation, compared to another person who leaves many things to chance, believing that simply because they are so ‘common’ is not worth giving them importance .

We are going to apply some basic physics to be able to understand more clearly the concept of weight.

Well, weight is all the force of attraction that gravity exerts on a body. Although the weight of a person is influenced by mass, the truth is that gravity acts even with greater authority. This means that, for example, a subject weighing 80 kilos on earth will weigh approximately 50 kilos on the moon.

Although it is the same man with the same measures, it presents a great variation in the numbers that the scale would mark, due to the force of gravity that acts in different ways in both places.

Good, but what is all this about? It is logical that here and in China, the man of 80 kilos will weigh the same, but that is not the point of the whole article, but rather, learn to differentiate this concept, so that at the time of getting on the scale, fall into frustration and despair if you see that the numbers are not so distant from when you started in your transformation plan.

If you want to calculate your ideal weight, you can do it without any problem, but the fact that you weigh 80 kilos, like another person, does not necessarily mean that they will be equally healthy. This is because while one has 80 kilos of pure muscle, the other may have 80 kilos of mostly fat, which significantly increases the risk of suffering from diseases of all kinds.

If you plan to submit to a new eating plan, first of all you should know what are the objectives that are best for your body. What do I mean by this? Well, there are times when a person thinks they are fat, when in fact, they are swollen due to the accumulation of fluids. In this case, the type of diet would be very different from that of a person who actually looks thick due to the accumulation of adipose tissue (fat).

How to calculate your ideal weight? The BMI

You’ve probably seen the acronym IMC on more than one occasion. If you still did not know, it means Body Mass Index and is the result obtained by dividing the weight by the height squared.

This formula was devised by a Belgian statistician and not considering many factors such as age or sex, then it is not very accurate. The truth is that many of the ways in which the ideal weight of a person is calculated usually have a vast margin of error, so you would have to make conjectures to have a more approximate result.

The formula to calculate BMI is as follows:

  • BMI = Weight / Height2
  • Once the result is obtained, it should be compared with the table that evaluates body composition.

However, as I mentioned above, the data thrown are not too precise and in fact, they should not be taken very seriously, either following the previous example, although two subjects weighing 80 kilos probably have the same BMI, they do not necessarily want Say they are in the same health conditions.

As you can guess, once again it is clear that knowing your ideal weight does not help much if you really care about your health. In this case, the best thing you can do is calculate your body fat percentage. This result is the one that really matters, but to know it, much more factors are taken into account and even more advanced devices are used to improve accuracy.

The calculation of the percentage of fat mass is not something anyone can do. This measurement is reserved for health Super Keto Burn Reviews professionals, using ultrasound techniques or even measuring skin folds with a tweezers, in certain areas of the body where more fat tends to accumulate.

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