Ideas for a light dinner with friends

When you want to lose some extra pounds, you have to get back on your feet, so you have a balanced diet and sport . Pure Health Research Keto But for all that, it is not forbidden to continue to have fun, especially when we receive friends at home.

So, here are some light dinner ideas to not break the rules of his diet while feasting.

Mistakes not to commit when guests are on a diet

Who says dinner with friends says aperitif. Avoid offering crisps (far too much calories) or other peanuts. Choose verrines made from seasonal vegetables, for example, or kebabs of raw vegetables.

We often think about what we can or can not eat but sometimes we pay less attention to what we drink. And yet, alcohol also makes you take calories .

The least calorific alcohol is cider (80 cal for 1 glass) followed by red wine (85 cal). The beer goes up to 103 cal and the white wine to 110 cal . Even when receiving friends, it is better to limit your consumption to one drink per meal.

Starter, main course, dessert: full and light menus for dinner with friends

Nutrition is one of the levers that allows you to lose weight. By eating healthier and following certain rules, you can expect to lose some calories. Your efforts in terms of diet combined with sports will allow you to turn your fat into muscles.

To do this, it is advisable to take a good breakfast every morning , to bet on a sufficiently substantial lunch and to finish the day with a light dinner.

Here are some menus for the evening:

Example of a type 1 menu : As a starter, try a tartar of tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese. In a dish, cook a salmon in foil. Finish with a strawberry cut.

Sample menu type 2 : Start with an iced beet and basil soup. Then treat yourself to a pan-fried scallop and a leek fondant. For dessert, an apple / pear compote.

Example of menu type 3 : Make an entry Pure Health Research Keto REVIEWS on a jar of zucchini and cashew nuts. A chicken with lime and green beans in a dish. Finish on a sweet note with a panna cotta with red fruit coulis.

You will understand, receiving friends at home and dieting is far from incompatible. Simply bet on fruits and vegetables , lean meat or fish while avoiding dishes in sauce.

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