Facial massage: all about this ancestral anti-aging practice

To massage the face to plump or detoxify the skin? This ancestral technique inspired by traditional Chinese medicine is becoming more and more popular and arrives discreetly in some studios in France. Here is all you need to know.

As for the body, the face also needs the benefits of massage therapy to be healthy. This is in any case what advocates traditional Chinese medicine , precursor in the field of facial massage . Very widespread in Asia in general, this ancestral technique unfolds more and more in the Western world Pure Reviva Derm  and knows many variations (like the well known Kobido from Japan). It is even sometimes supplemented by semi-precious stone massage toolsto highlight the well-being and holistic side of this ritual. Actresses and personalities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian, or Victoria Beckham swear by the “jade roller” and other stones of Gua Sha , regarded as a viable alternative (and without needle) to botox.

If facial massage was already practiced in some specialized institutes, this concept coveted by the elite in the United States becomes more and more democratic: “Until then, the facial massage  was intended for celebrities.For a few months, it is Back in the routine and the daily lives of New Yorkers, they go to their “facialist” (ndlr: beauticians specialized in the face) as they go to the hairdresser, ” says Claire Basini, co-founder of Seasonly brand.  “Right now, there are new places dedicated to this practice every month in New York and Los Angeles . ” It is by following their model that Seasonly has opened its own Studio in Paris,express facial massages of 30 minutes. Same thing for the brand of food supplements Aime Skincare, who opens a treatment room in his Parisian shop. On the program of this one, 45 minutes focused on the gesture, with in particular a lymphatic massage associated with the LEDS. A new ritual to adopt in its beauty routine, ideal for working girls in search of a well-being break.

What is facial massage?

“The face is made up of about 50 muscles, they are the ones who shape and give the skin its tone”, explains Claire Basini, “In everyday life, the facial muscles are very little used, they do not make the slightest difference. exercise in the true sense of the term.This facial gymnastics will work on the deep muscles of the face (those that support the skin tissue and form the oval of the face) and on the surface, contractions and expressions that mark our face daily ” .

At Seasonly, two treatments are offered: one focused on the prevention of signs of aging, the other to restore radiance to the skin. “The Skin Therapist begins by heating up the face with deep smoothing movements, and then, thanks to all its manual techniques (kneading, rolling, pinching, muscle stretching …), the face is smoothed, toned, restructured. Quartz fresh rollers are applied at the end of care to soothe and drain, ” describes Claire Basini.

For its part, the brand ultra clean Odacité was interested in the therapy of Gua Sha , an energy treatment from traditional Chinese medicine: “We adapted this technique for the face, to work on the muscle fascia for an effect lifting, and the lymphatic system for a detoxifying effect ” , says Valérie Grandury, founder of the brand. The massage is done using a Gua Sha stone , a tool carved in crystal, with angles, thickness and rounded specific that adapt precisely to the morphology of the face.

Recently, the brand has even opened a “bar” at Gua Sha at Bon Marché in Paris, where it is possible to discover this tool and receive this massage for free: “We start with litho therapy Inside all the crystals There are tiny atomic structures in a crystal lattice, these small crystals vibrate and radiate energy, ” explains Valerie Granbury. “We select our crystal according to the energy we need: pink quartz for unconditional love and self-love, blue sodality for harmony and inner peace, green aventurine for luck and opportunities … ” .

Second step, one chooses one of Opacity care based on essential oils, adapted to its type of skin. And here we go for 5-10 minutes of massage! “We always start in the center of the face with an angle of about 45 degrees, then we slide towards the hairline by applying a moderate pressure, we repeat each gesture 5 to 10 times,” she says.

The benefits of facial massage

The first effects are visible immediately after the session. In addition to having an instant radiance and a rosy complexion, facial features are completely relaxed. “The Geisha massage promotes a better blood circulation and allows better oxygenation of tissues,” says Valerie Granbury.

Beneficial for all skin types, it is particularly recommended for those who want to prevent the appearance of signs of aging  : “This technique helps smooth expression lines and activate the acupressure points of the face. tones the support muscles of the skin, to fight against the loss of firmness of the face as the neck “.

The skins with acne tendencies are not left out either: “By draining and removing toxins, the Gua Sha acts as a lymphatic massage With regular practice, the toxins accumulate more, imperfections become less numerous and. skin is visibly cooler . ”

Finally, even the area around the eyes is not neglected:  “It’s miraculous to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.I recommend putting the Gua Sha in a glass with ice cubes.The cold strengthens the effect of the massage in order to refresh the look, “she advises.

The right frequency? Or in an occasional session (once or twice a month) to regain radiance and erase the marks of fatigue and stress. Either in regular sessions (once or twice a week) to slow down the signs of aging. “For me the Gua Sha massage is above all a ritual of self-love, a parenthesis that is offered in his” crazy lifestyle “and that gives a new breath of life to the skin in just a few minutes” , adds Valérie Grandury.

Make a facial massage at home

Good news for those who prefer to try the experience at home: no more need to move every time, since more and more brands offer their own facial massage accessories , with (almost) always a small instruction manual for beginners. If you can get them in some institutes (for example at the House of Tui Na), many young brands also arrive in France as Skin gym at Sephora or Rosental Organics at Zalando Beauty.

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