Exercise routine for an ectomorph (very thin person)

There are 3 somatic types , ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs , each of these somatic types have individual characteristics that make them unique. Normally, a person has a combination of these three types, but with one as predominant.

We will talk throughout the week of Flow Fusion Reviews exercise routines for each of these somatic types, but today they are the ectomorphs .

Ectomorphs, general characteristics

They are characterized by having a very fine bone structure , that is, weak, very small wrists, ankles, fine bones, very narrow waist … They are usually hyperactive, very energetic and quite thin people, with a thyroid metabolism pointing towards the upper limit.

They have no problems defining and work very well with high carb diets.

The exercise routine for ectomorphic people

Everything has a but, these people do not have very good recovery , in addition to spending enough calories, they are negatively affected by a high volume of training, simply by this fact, having a very demanding metabolism, if we do a lot of physical exercise it will be Very difficult to gain weight unless industrial quantities of food are ingested.

Your training should be short, heavy and intense, in addition to a frequency not exceeding 2.

Without pharmacological aids, I do not recommend that you train more than 5 days a week, 4 days a week is a good option with a torso-leg division if you want to give your legs a little more work, or push-pull if you want Give some more work to the torso.

It is a torso-leg scheme, this is because of their low weight, they are not predominantly lower body people, so the legs are usually behind with respect to the torso. In the case that the legs are not a big problem, a push-pull routine is simply done that allows much more volume of exercises in the torso..

The rest times will be 0 “between biseries and 60-80” at the end of this, 90-120 “rest in the heavy day exercises and 60-80” rest in the light day exercises.

On light days we will stay away from failure, with slow cadences, tightening the muscle well to work it and less weight than usual.

On heavy days , we will perform explosive cadences, focusing on lifting the maximum possible weight while respecting the technique and looking for the failure in the last series, we are interested in gaining the maximum possible force by recruiting all the fibers we can.

As always, this routine is modifiable according to personal preferences and needs, there is never anything written by stone, moreover, I encourage you to customize the routines so that they adapt better to our situation.

Progressions and warming

As a form of progression, double progression will be used for those pyramidal series and the triple progression criteria for those flat series, explained in other articles of the same series of exercise routines.


This is a well-planned exercise routine for ectomorphs, with logical progression criteria, maintaining a medium training volume, frequency 2, good intensity and rest times.

As for cardio since I have not mentioned it, I do not recommend doing it for these people, since we will waste calories that we could be using to gain muscle mass, an arduous task for these types Flow Fusion of people. The good part is that they hardly need much time to define, just a few weeks cutting carbohydrates and adding some cardio, and they will be lean enough to be the envy of much of the gym.

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