Everything you need to know about miracle diets

They are diets that aim to make you lose weight quickly and effortlessly. Know what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing them.

Surely it is a word you hear every day, especially if you have a lot of contact with people in the world of fitness. Bionatrol Keto Burn Reviews The Diet is a concept that, like everything related to the field of health, is full of myths that have led it to be interpreted as misleadingly as possible.

Nowadays, adopting a diet, as it is often called, means for a large part of the population, submitting to new habits in which the food deficit and therefore hunger become a regular part. of daily life. However, nothing else could be far from reality, and this is mainly due to the bad concept of the word. The unfortunate thing is that the inadequate definition of Diet has been extended to such unexpected levels, that even the Royal Spanish Academy defines it as “complete deprivation of eating”, which indicates the severity of the problem and how it should be fixed as soon as possible. possible.

At this point, the first thing to clarify is that the strict definition of Diet refers to the habits that a person has acquired for their diet. Grosso Modo, the diet is feeding one way or another regardless of whether it is good or bad. Taking this into account, one can intuit that there are several types of diet : those that work for the body and those that can cause deterioration in the health of the body.

The miracle diets are an example of the latter group, and its popularity has increased exponentially although far from offering a alternative for people looking to improve their health, they end up making it worse.

The reason for this is because these diets seek to help the elimination of large amounts of body weight in a short time, which means a drastic change in diet, to which the body reacts unfavorably.

The main basis of these diets is to reduce caloric intake to intimate levels so that a lot of weight can be lost in a matter of weeks or in some cases, days. In the first instance, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeliminating up to 4 kilos in a week is tempting, however, the main problem is that with this type of diet not only the accumulated body fat is eliminated, but that all that lost weight is also distributed among the retained fluids and degradation of muscle mass.

The main problem of these reactions that by reducing the percentage of lean mass (muscle) , the body enters a catabolic state that directly affects the body because this tissue requires a lot of energy to be able to stay. In the absence of muscle, the calorie consumption required for basal metabolic functions is significantly reduced. So if a person previously needed 2,000 calories to maintain their weight, from then on they will need only 1,500 to not accumulate fat.

And that is not all, but also in the absence of fuel, the body enters a defense mechanism or state of emergency in which it seeks to minimize caloric consumption. This means that by itself, regardless of the percentage of lean mass, the metabolism slows down to save a greater amount of energy. The worst comes when you finally lose that extra weight after a week, where probably, the person who has carried out this “eating” regime returns to their previous habits, consuming bottled soft drinks, sausages, fried foods, food scrap, etc. The serious thing is that since the metabolism has already undergone many unfavorable changes, it will begin to store more fat,

This is what is known as the rebound Bionatrol Keto Burn effect and does not exist because it is a mandatory law that every body must suffer after “dieting”, but simply because such diets, that is, miracle diets, are not plans that can sustain themselves for a long time, due to the infamous amount of food they eat daily.

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