Do not eat for 3 days to lose weight?

Your efforts to lose weight have not worked ? Are you ready for anything to lose weight finally ? When nothing works, extreme solutions can be very tempting: like eating nothing for three days, a good idea to lose weight? Not at all !

Do not be fooled – the hunger strike Advanced Keto Thermo REVIEWS will not help you. Worse, it is a real danger to your health … and even for your figure. Explanations.

To starve for three days: be careful!

For more or less long, you eat only by counting calories . Worse: you consider each additional bite as a defeat, since absolutely everything you absorb seems to prevent you from getting weaker.

That’s wrong: if you eat, it’s because you need to feed yourself to stay fit, healthy and, at the end of the chain, alive! Do not forget it…

In the short term, to stop eating can cause you many inconveniences : decrease of energy, great weakness, repetitive discomfort … Your form and your health do not deserve to be sacrificed.

When to stop eating … prevents losing weight!

Did you know that no longer eating could make you fat ? Even if after three days of complete fasting, the scale shows a reduced figure, in the longer term, hunger strikes are real enemies for the line.

In fact, when you stop eating, you completely disguise your body: stressed, it will store up as soon as you start eating … It’s the trap of “yo-yo”: a diet too strict, it pushes to do reservations, in case the famine returns!

“Okay, but what do I do, then? I keep my extra pounds? ” Of course not ! But take the time to analyze things and develop a viable strategy.

How to revive weight loss without stopping eating?

To begin to lose weight without giving in to the temptation of deprivation, these tips can help you:

– Check to see if there are any hormonal issues that prevent you from getting thinner. Thyroid hormones or insulin can sometimes play very bad tricks …

– If a strategy does not work; change it! Limit calories does not work? Eat more, but only low glycemic foods . You eat well, but move little? Finally start the sport: it will also help you to find energy and optimism!

– But once the turn is made, stick to your new rules, at least the time to observe their effects. We do not lose weight quickly Advanced Keto Thermo by changing the diet every week!

To starve can have very negative consequences for the health as for the line . To promote weight loss, finding the right balance is fundamental.

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