Children’s football – club or organize yourself?

Generations over generations already love football. A team sport that is played and operated with passion worldwide. No wonder that the offspring would like to follow in the footsteps of his role models. Many parents are looking for a football club for their children. That is sometimes not such an easy task. The increasing demand and the lack of young junior trainers now throw clear shadows. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to accommodate the child in a football club.

Football World Cup 2018 – The run on the clubs starts already

Next summer, the football World Cup will rise again – and with it the requests from the football clubs. An association has to handle a lot. This primarily includes a solid football field. This is often only possible for rent at the beginning. Furthermore, extensive equipment is required. In addition to jerseys and footballs, this includes other training aids. In addition, of course, someone must be present with a coaching license and also is a lot of time to invest, because it is not only in training. Tournaments, championships and friendly matches have to be organized and put into action.

But what to do if no club is available? Does the child have to do without it?

But it does not have to be taken completely idly. Some alternatives are available to parents.

Become active yourself! Start hobby football group

An alternative to the club is a hobby football group dar. This can be established within an existing club or be initiated of their own free will. Not the competition is the focus here, but clearly the joy of the game. As far as the equipment is concerned, most amateur footballers already have most of them at hand anyway. In addition to a few neat football boots, which can be conveniently ordered online , are a suitable place of importance and of course the most important tool: balls and goals.

Well advised are all who may still inspire an instructor for the project, or a player of the big who can teach the kids one or the other football trick.

Within this group are often found dedicated parents who like to share the tasks and thus can support the project.

Kicking without a club – the main thing is fun

If a hobby football group can not be founded, then there is only one more thing left: ordering the child and his friends to a meadow at fixed times . After all, if you are honest, it hardly takes much more to play football for fun. Gates can be ordered today as portable and lightweight versions and thus be flexibly positioned. A good football, a few shirts and you can almost go.

The equipment is not to be completely ignored here. Children need the following equipment for the game or for training:

short / long sports pants

T-shirt or jersey

Shin guards

Football boots

In order not to get hurt during training and playing, even amateur footballers need to think about a proper warm-up program. This is not necessarily a coaching license required. Some running exercises and stretching exercises already ensure that the muscles heat up well and thus prevent strains.

In addition, amateur footballers can practice a few exercises, such as dribbling and ball guidance with the children.

Then there is still the scoring. Also, a good way to bring something up to temperature – and then it’s ready to go. Put on a camisole and then you can kick it.


Whether in an association, in a hobby football group or completely private. For children, the focus should first be on the joy of exercise and the love of sport.

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