Be sure to eat the bowl

We’ve all heard this phrase from our parents in a similar way – as you know, most of the vitamins and fiber in apple or pear skin are in the mouth. With regard to the use of pesticides, however, parents are now asking what has more weight: the vitamins or the pollutants.

The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety is still calling for the consumption of fruit and vegetable trays. The residues of pesticides were decreasing, with measurements showed only slightly more than 50% of the examined samples at all pesticide residues on and only to a small extent.

What makes the case so valuable

In the shell and directly below, most of the fruits and vegetables contain the most valuable ingredients: for example, the flavonoids in the apple peel are certified as having a cancer-preventing effect; other substances have an anti-inflammatory effect or strengthen the immune system. In addition, the skins provide fiber, which is important for good digestion. Father Joy says: A clear “yes” to eating fruits and vegetables with shell. Even if the kids sometimes prefer it differently. To consume the peel of apple and co, is pure educational but at least a matter of habit.

Playing it safe with organic products

If you are not quite fond of the pesticides business, you can buy organic products that are labeled with the appropriate seal, guaranteed to have ripened without pesticides. A cleaning with warm water, with fruits with a rough surface is also a vegetable brush used, but should always take place, regardless of whether fruits and vegetables from organic or conventional cultivation are consumed.

For infants who are still poorly articulate, the exclusion procedure is the simplest way to diagnose lactose intolerance. Leave all dairy products away for a few days. If the abdominal pain significantly less, then the likelihood is high that your child can not tolerate the lactose. The pediatrician can determine by appropriate tests, if there really is a lactose intolerance.

how to deal with it?

In the meantime, a large number of lactose-free products are available in the trade. Soya or rice milk are tolerable alternatives that can greatly reduce complaints. It is important that kindergarten, childminder, grandparents and babysitters are informed about what your child is not allowed to eat and what it can tolerate well. When switching to soy products, keep in mind that dairy products are important calcium suppliers. Make sure that your child is getting enough of this important mineral through vegetables, fruit juices and meat.

Drugs that replace the missing enzyme that triggers lactose intolerance should only be given after consulting the doctor.

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