Common infections in childhood at a glance

In addition to the classic childhood diseases such as measles, mumps and Co, there are many other diseases that affect children from infants to adolescents. Sometimes bed rest, loving care and grandma’s home remedy are enough to get through the disease. In some cases, however, an immediate visit to the doctor is required to prevent […]

Finasteride: The miracle cure for hair loss?

More than half of men over 50 years old experience hereditary hair loss. Those affected lose hair roots, for which a genetic disposition is responsible. A 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, whose efficacy has been proven in clinical trials, can help here. However, proven side effects of the active ingredient finasteride have repeatedly brought the anti-androgenetic alopecia […]

Print and health – how harmful is the laser printer actually?

Is it possible that laser printers actually get sick? For some time, manufacturers, researchers and interest groups disagree on how detrimental laser printers are. This is because printing requires toners that contain carcinogens. How much it deposits in the body is not undisputed. Therefore, the advice of experts is to handle the laser printer or […]

Dangers on the Internet – the safe laptop for children

The media presence of technology has massively increased in recent years, so that children in the household of parents almost inevitably come into contact with the Internet. Although it is quite desirable that the youngest come into contact with computer technology at an early stage and learn how to use a PC and laptop, there […]

The advantages of electric children’s toothbrushe

“Why can not I have a toothbrush like you?” Ask children at some point if they brush with a manual toothbrush and parents with an electric toothbrush. After all, cleaning with the electric looks much easier. If the child is then allowed to brush with an electric toothbrush , it feels on an equal footing. […]

Recognizing and treating cow’s milk protein allergy

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from allergies. This is partly because we spend less and less time in nature, but also because many allergies can be diagnosed today, while people used to suffer without being able to determine why. However, the diagnosis of disease is still particularly difficult in young children. Recognize allergies and […]

Learning programming in preschool – a test of Cubetto

Many US parents are already teaching their toddlers the basics of programming because they think their kids will need this qualification for their later working life. In Germany, the multi-award winning game “Cubetto” is now available, which has set itself the goal to teach children from the age of 3 playfully the first steps into […]

Children’s football – club or organize yourself?

Generations over generations already love football. A team sport that is played and operated with passion worldwide. No wonder that the offspring would like to follow in the footsteps of his role models. Many parents are looking for a football club for their children. That is sometimes not such an easy task. The increasing demand […]