All about Sissy Mua Beach Body Training Program

You hear a lot about it but do not know this new sporting challenge? Do you finally hope to find a method that will allow you to lose weight quickly and to work properly? Here is a little guide that should help you to see more clearly and encourage you to finally take the plunge!

Beach Body Sissy Mua, what is it?

Let’s start by doing the presentations! Who is Sissy? Originally from the south of France, Sissy pursued studies in food biology before perfecting her career by going to Mexico where she fell in love with fitness .

Thus, little by little, began the great adventure “Beach body”. In this program, Sissy puts into practice her knowledge and experience! By following his advice, whether via his site, his book or his youtube channel , you will refine and muscle in 12 weeks. It’s so fast!

A book to reveal its secrets

Indeed, the ideal support for you to launch is indeed the book . You keep it at your fingertips and can read at will the Ketogeniks Keto valuable information it contains. The first part contains basic dietary advice before entering, a few pages further in the thick of it.

Combining sports and food is essential, with a small detox treatment before you start . In his book, your coach Sissy offers you 20 golden rules around which all the steps of his method are focused.

Workout, you will move!

Food is not enough to sculpt an athletic and healthy body. The body you dream of before putting on your bikini. You will therefore have physical exercises to put into practice on a regular basis. In practice, you will have three days of effort and a day of rest.

Is it accessible for a beginner?

There is indeed a whole series of advice for people who are not used to sport. You can approach this method with confidence and without equipment! This often attracts the pregnant woman because it is ideal to find the line after childbirth (to proscribe during pregnancy!).

On the other hand, as for all physical activity , make sure with a doctor that your state of health authorizes you. You can then follow up with an intermediate program and then bodybuilding in the gym.

Advantages and disadvantages

When we look at the opinions of users who have tested this method, the results are very positive. The explanations are simple and therefore easy to understand as to put into practice. The price of the subscription is affordable and quickly profitable if one relies on the results obtained . The food plan is balanced and accessible, even if cooking is not your strong point!

The hiit gym sessions are relatively short , never more than 45 minutes, which does not completely upset your lifestyle. In terms of negative points, regular athletes will not necessarily see much evolution .

In the early days, it is better to equip yourself with a tape measure to really see the body modifications by noting your measurements in a notebook. Then, past the beginner stage, you will have to invest in a minimum of material to continue.

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