3 rules to gain muscle and lose fat

Man or woman, if you want to lose your extra pounds and gain muscle mass at the same time and quickly, it is important to follow a few strict rules . Between sport and food, it is then possible to combine both!

Develop a suitable nutrition plan

What to eat to gain muscle and lose fat? The secret is to increase the nutritional intake without necessarily eating anything Keto Trim 800 Reviews but choosing the foods rich in protein , fat and carbohydrate that your muscles need to function. We then speak of sports nutrition.

Here are some recommendations to follow:

– Eat regularly 5 small meals a day to provide your body with the necessary nutrients – Do not skip meals – Hydrate yourself well to eliminate toxins and assimilate food well – Stay diligent on your fat-free diet preferably

Muscle building training

Impossible to gain muscle without doing weight training. For this part, there are 2 basic rules to follow:

– Push heavy . This is not about beating your record but rather about lifting loads in order to trigger mechanical stress. While keeping a good technique of execution, your training must have a certain logic which is to create mass as well as muscular density. For this, you will have to perform series of 6 to 10 repetitions, no more no less . By doing this, you will cause the muscle fibers to swell.

– Respect the short recovery times. This is essential because you should not let your muscles rest completely before starting a new series, which represents less than a minute between repetitions.

Take food supplements

To lose fat and gain muscle mass, this is not done without a product . In fact, foods no longer have the same nutritional values ​​as they once did, which is why food supplements will be excellent partners in your daily life. Omega 3, workout boosters, hormone boosters or vitamins are good alternatives . Be careful though and always remember to consult your Keto Trim 800 doctor before taking any food supplements.

It is quite possible to gain muscle but not fat. For that, do not hesitate to consult a nutritionist for a suitable diet and to do bodybuilding.

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