Facial massage: all about this ancestral anti-aging practice

To massage the face to plump or detoxify the skin? This ancestral technique inspired by traditional Chinese medicine is becoming more and more popular and arrives discreetly in some studios in France. Here is all you need to know. As for the body, the face also needs the benefits of massage therapy to be healthy. […]

Young and healthy skin! The importance of taking care!

Good health is reflected in the skin and throughout the body. For this reason, the importance of taking care of ourselves integrally to maintain a healthy and young skin. Aging is a chronologically programmed process that deteriorates healthy and young skin. But this is also due to extrinsic causes such as muscle movements, severity, nutrition, […]

10 tips to lose weight when you do not like vegetables

We constantly hear that to lose weight and keep a healthy health, you must eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day . Only here, you really do not like vegetables and still want to follow a dieting. Do not worry, this is entirely possible. Here are 10 tips and tricks to lose weight when you […]