Passive smoking – pure poison for children

Tobacco smoke contains several thousand substances that damage the organism, irritate the respiratory tract and are carcinogenic. The smoke is one of the most common poisons in the interior and is extremely harmful not only to smokers but also to everyone else present. Passive smoking is particularly hard on children, who often do not have […]

Recognize and treat visual perception disorders

Your child twists numbers and struggles to compare shapes or sizes? Then it could suffer from a visual perception disorder. The inability to assign visual impressions properly has nothing to do with sight. This is due to incomplete circuits in the brain. A visual perception disorder brings many problems for children. Especially in school, learning […]

Safe driving in the car with the right child seat

The Highway Code prescribes it and common sense as well: children must be sufficiently secured in the car, so that they are protected in case of an accident. This should not be saved, because a high-quality child seat can protect the life of the child and may even save. Depending on age, size and weight […]

Common infections in childhood at a glance

In addition to the classic childhood diseases such as measles, mumps and Co, there are many other diseases that affect children from infants to adolescents. Sometimes bed rest, loving care and grandma’s home remedy are enough to get through the disease. In some cases, however, an immediate visit to the doctor is required to prevent […]

Finasteride: The miracle cure for hair loss?

More than half of men over 50 years old experience hereditary hair loss. Those affected lose hair roots, for which a genetic disposition is responsible. A 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, whose efficacy has been proven in clinical trials, can help here. However, proven side effects of the active ingredient finasteride have repeatedly brought the anti-androgenetic alopecia […]

Print and health – how harmful is the laser printer actually?

Is it possible that laser printers actually get sick? For some time, manufacturers, researchers and interest groups disagree on how detrimental laser printers are. This is because printing requires toners that contain carcinogens. How much it deposits in the body is not undisputed. Therefore, the advice of experts is to handle the laser printer or […]

Dangers on the Internet – the safe laptop for children

The media presence of technology has massively increased in recent years, so that children in the household of parents almost inevitably come into contact with the Internet. Although it is quite desirable that the youngest come into contact with computer technology at an early stage and learn how to use a PC and laptop, there […]