10 tips to lose weight when you do not like vegetables

We constantly hear that to lose weight and keep a healthy health, you must eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day .

Only here, you really do not like vegetables and still want to follow a dieting. Do not worry, this is entirely possible.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to lose weight when you do not like vegetables.

  1. Understand first the important elements in vegetables

Vegetables are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins that the body needs to stay healthy and function well. Let’s see what these different items serve to find an alternative in a slimming diet without vegetables.

Fiber helps to improve intestinal transit, slowing digestion of carbohydrates and lowering blood sugar levels . They are also appetite suppressant, delaying and increasing the feeling of satiety faster.

Minerals play an important role in muscle contraction and heart rate maintenance . They help to compose hormones and enzymes and promote the acid-base balance of the body, as well as neuronal conductivity.

They are also used for the composition of teeth and bones. And vitamins cause the release of energy and the regulation of metabolism.

  1. Enhance the flavor of dishes with spices and aromatics

To lose weight without vegetables, start by improving the flavor of your dishes to enjoy all the pleasures of the table. Even if a diet implies not having too much appetite, one must not neglect the needs of one’s body and one’s health, and one must be able to enjoy oneself.

Spices and aromatics are clearly the taste of a dish . In your dieting, there is no danger in using them. Start with moderate doses if you do not know them because their dosage is really a matter of taste. Be careful not to mask the taste of your dish.

Be aware that cinnamon is particularly good at burning fat and is a very good antioxidant . It can be added to your cup of tea or sprinkled on your desserts.

  1. Increase water consumption

To stay in shape, you need to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day . But you should know that the intake of food, other drinks and broths are taken into account in these 2 liters.

Water is not a food (it does not contain lipid, carbohydrate, protein) but it is essential because it allows the body to use the energy provided by food.In your slimming diet, drink water is essential. And know that drinking hot water is even more effective because it facilitates digestion.

But in addition, in your particular diet without vegetables , you will have a smaller amount of liquid food that will have to be compensated. Which means that you will have to increase your water consumption to 2 liters or even more , without risk of dilution of the nutrients ingested.

  1. Drinking tea to promote drainage

Drainage improves the silhouette and is essential for the proper functioning of an organism. It consists of increasing the volume of urine and the circulation of water in the body, which allows better and faster elimination of water and fat , to evacuate toxins and waste, and to help fight against Water retention.

Tea, which contains theine, is an excellent draining product . But in addition, its theine serves appetite suppressant and prevents bad cravings snack.Il must know that tea alone does not lose weight, but it is a very useful companion in all diets to lose weight and it is an excellent tonic.

  1. Eat high fiber foods

Fiber (both appetite suppressant and useful for transit, for people wanting to lose weight) are not present in vegetables; you will find them in fruits and starchy foods , but they will not necessarily have the same effects.

In fact, two types must be distinguished: insoluble and soluble; these last are essential for the loss of weight and also soft for the intestines. You will find these soluble fibers in rye bread , flour and barley cereals, flour and oat cereals , in buckwheat, and in fruits such as grapefruit , peach, jackfruit and fruit. nectarine.

  1. Use natural fat burners

Consuming natural fat burners is always beneficial in dieting because they boost metabolism and provide valuable nutrients.

They are of 3 types: low-calorie fat burners that promote the breakdown of fatty tissue, those rich in fiber that effectively cut hunger and those with active molecules that burn abdominal fat.

Among the fat burners, the best are the lemon (to use instead of vinegar or to consume juice) , pineapple (whose stem is also consumed), the apple (whose pectin traps fat in the stomach) ) , eggs (their vitamin B12 breaks down fats and promotes muscle development).

Also eat fatty fish whose acids reduce fat and whose iodine improves metabolism . Also eat lean meats because they are harder to digest and cause the body to lose energy, forcing it to burn stored calories.

  1. Replace bad fats with good fats

Contrary to beliefs, not all fats are bad for your health. Lipids are thus necessary for digestion processes , vitamin transport, nervous system development, cell formation and so on.

These good fats are therefore to consume as part of a balanced diet . It should be known that they are contained in omega 3 and omega 9 which have positive effects on bad cholesterol in particular. You’ll find them in olive oil or olive , oily fish, nuts, soy, almonds , chia seeds and rapeseed.

  1. Consume enough protein

Proteins are the basis of nutrition with vitamins, lipids, carbohydrates , minerals, water and trace elements. They limit the production of insulin and lose weight, two functions that are of great interest to people wishing to eliminate their extra pounds. Proteins are found in meats (preferably lean for your diet) and must represent a little less than 15% of the total number of calories.

  1. Play sports

If you really want to lose weight, it’s a good idea to take up or resume good habits, including sports. Do it gradually starting with jogging, exercise or walking each day . And especially choose an activity that suits you and that you enjoy practicing.

Attention, sport is not enough to eliminate all your extra pounds. It maintains muscle mass (lean body mass) and therefore complements the diet . Sport is a companion to dieting, detox or slimming.

  1. Relax to chase stress

Stress has a very bad effect on weight and can even make you fat , by producing cortisol (a hormone that slows metabolism, makes digestion very difficult and makes you want to nibble). It is therefore important to relax, avoid anxiety and take the time to breathe properly . Do not take the lead with your weight. Do what it takes to lose, by applying all these tips and tricks, and you will see that you will be rewarded in the short, medium or long term. And if you have difficulty chasing away your anxieties, try yoga that brings good results.

In conclusion, it is quite possible to lose pounds even if you do not like vegetables . Just compensate with foods containing the same nutrients in your healthy and varied daily diet.

Do not forget to add a healthy lifestyle, a little sport and a lot of relaxation and you will certainly reach your goal of weight loss, faster than you think …

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