10 easy exercises to let go

Letting go is necessary for more calm in your life. It is one of the paths to well-being. To succeed in letting go, discover 10 exercises to apply daily.

  1. Relax your body

It’s about focusing on your physique to escape the hellish pace of all the thoughts that poison your life. To help you, do a 3 to 4 minute breathing exercise . Sit or stand, count 30 breaths.

One: you breathe out, you breathe in.

Two: you breathe out, you breathe in… With an expiration, an intention to evacuate what is bad for you, and an idea to Rapid Fast Keto Boost Reviews welcome renewal with inspiration. This rhythm relaxes your muscles and oxygenates your brain.

  1. Meditate in the shower

Imagine that water washes away all negative thoughts while showering . Look at this water flowing on your body and assimilate this water to your anger and your fears which gradually disappear in the bathtub.

By draping yourself in the towel, you will feel lighter. This meditation will effectively help you distance yourself from the daily hassles.

  1. Having a wild animal

The mind must be associated with an animal (bear, wolf, tiger or horse). When you lose your footing and the animal wants to regain control, imagine yourself driving your vehicle. Your animal (your mind) is a passenger. You control your life and you lead the boat. You have to get back on the wheel and shift gears yourself.

  1. Use creativity

Letting go requires mental flexibility. Use your creativity. With your eyes closed, you must let the image of the postcard come and place this image 65 centimeters in front of you. Take an inspiration by approaching by your thought the card which is before you. Then exhale while moving this card away from you, it will fade and disappear. To finish this exercise, take a breath in approaching the card again, it reappears … To repeat for 6 to 10 minutes.

  1. Favor gratitude

Every day, write down in your notebook the positive things that happened to you during the day. When you list them, you will realize that even at the end of a bad day, you will have done beautiful things. It is a great method for living consciously.

  1. Release your tensions

In order to let go, it is important to release your tensions. Between your children, your love life and work, it is often difficult not to feel tense and overworked.

Stand or lie down to do this relaxation exercise, you need to focus on 3 important steps (breathing, working on your face and working on your body).

The first step is to do 5 respiratory cycles of the abdomen (exhalation through the mouth and inspiration through the nose). Then work on the muscles of your face by contracting them . Also make a contraction of all the muscles of your body respecting the respiratory cycle of the abdomen.

  1. Be in harmony with yourself

Live a harmonious relationship with yourself. You should note on the sheet what irritated you during the day. Ask yourself why?

This sometimes helps to wake up wounds, shortages. It is an awareness that can allow you to work on the aspects of your life that hinder your development.

  1. Make a list of apprehensions

Make a list of your concerns on a piece of paper. Whether these fears are part of your past, your present or your future. As soon as you feel like you’re done, you can read it again slowly.

And ask yourself the questions: are these apprehensions founded? Are they from your fears or real? This will allow you to share things and succeed in letting go.

  1. Listening to music

Let your senses speak while listening to music. Slow listening allows you to relax by listening to music that makes you feel good . Make yourself comfortable, equip yourself with headphones so you don’t miss a note and listen to music from start to finish. This way you can focus on one point (the music) and forget about everything else.

  1. Release your emotions

Do not suppress your emotions. Choose an unbreakable object to let them express themselves. This object must represent an emotion (fear, anger, sadness, etc.). Go for the one you are feeling right now. Rapid Fast Keto Boost Tighten this object tightly. Then go back to what you were doing by squeezing the object. It hurts and annoys you, it’s normal. Now extend your arm and open your hand so that the object can fall. You let your emotion go along with the pain it inflicted on you.

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