Young and healthy skin! The importance of taking care!

Good health is reflected in the skin and throughout the body. For this reason, the importance of taking care of ourselves integrally to maintain a healthy and young skin. Aging is a chronologically programmed process that deteriorates healthy and young skin. But this is also due to extrinsic causes such as muscle movements, severity, nutrition, […]

Passive smoking – pure poison for children

Tobacco smoke contains several thousand substances that damage the organism, irritate the respiratory tract and are carcinogenic. The smoke is one of the most common poisons in the interior and is extremely harmful not only to smokers but also to everyone else present. Passive smoking is particularly hard on children, who often do not have […]

Recognize and treat visual perception disorders

Your child twists numbers and struggles to compare shapes or sizes? Then it could suffer from a visual perception disorder. The inability to assign visual impressions properly has nothing to do with sight. This is due to incomplete circuits in the brain. A visual perception disorder brings many problems for children. Especially in school, learning […]

Safe driving in the car with the right child seat

The Highway Code prescribes it and common sense as well: children must be sufficiently secured in the car, so that they are protected in case of an accident. This should not be saved, because a high-quality child seat can protect the life of the child and may even save. Depending on age, size and weight […]